DeFi Management.

DeFi Saver is a one-stop dashboard for creating, managing and tracking your DeFi positions.

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Automate your position
for the best results

Automation can manage your leverage and protect your position from liquidation based on your input, non-custodially and trustlessly.

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Create your own
DeFi recipes

Combine various DeFi actions, create unique protocol interactions and execute them in a single transaction.

Move Compound
position to Aave v2

Leverage USDC to
farm AAVE

Create a leveraged
Reflexer Safe

Check out our template Recipes or create your own today.

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you need in one app

All the essential tools for tracking and managing your DeFi portfolio.

  • Portfolio

    Manage your DeFi portfolio using dedicated protocol dashboards and advanced features made accessible.

  • Leveraged longs
    & shorts

    Create or close leveraged positions in one transaction and manage them with our signature Boost and Repay leverage adjustment options.

  • Loan refinancing

    Change your collateral or debt asset and shift your position between different lending protocols instantly.

  • Lending
    & borrowing

    Earn interest on deposited assets, or take out a loan against your collateral using different DeFi lending protocols.

  • Decentralized

    Perform token swaps at the best rates with liquidity aggregated from multiple exchanges including Uniswap, SushiSwap, Balancer, Curve, and 0x.

  • Custom
    transaction builder

    Create unique, complex transactions combining a number of actions from different protocols, flash loans, and token swaps.

What our users
are saying

  • Mariano Conti

    Mariano Conti

    Use tools like DeFi Saver to manage your Vaults - liquidations in MakerDAO are 100% preventable.

  • Bogdan Habic, Tenderly

    Bogdan Habic, Tenderly

    As a user I can sleep peacefully at night knowing my positions are safe and as a technology partner I guarantee they're one of the most hardworking teams in the space.

  • Anthony Sassano, The Daily Gwei

    Anthony Sassano, The Daily Gwei

    If you want an easy-to-use DeFi management platform that supports all of your favorite apps then look no further than DeFi Saver.

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