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DeFi Saver Automation

Automatically keeps your position at a certain ratio to protect it from liquidation or increase leverage based on market movements.

Leverage increase:
if above 230% boost to 200%

Liquidation protection:
if below 170% repay to 200%

CDP ratio: 230%

ETH price: 220


With DeFi Saver you can:

  • Manage leverage

    Increase your leverage or pay back debt with convenient, one transaction features, such as Boost and Repay.

  • Convert your position

    Convert your position’s collateral or borrow asset, or move your position to a completely different protocol in one transaction.

  • Earn conveniently

    Use Smart Savings for quick access to the best lending interest rates across most popular DeFi protocols.

Manage your DeFi portfolio

with advanced features made simple.

Try DeFi Saver today.

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DeFi Saver integrates

  • Decentralized Exchanges

    ETH and Dai liquidity is sourced from multiple decentralized exchanges.

  • Protocols

    Manage most popular DeFi protocols in a single application.

  • Wallets

    MetaMask, hardware and mobile wallets are all supported.

What our users are saying


Holy crap @DeFiSaver is awesome. I've heard of it before but never tried using it.


Just popping in to say holy shit, DeFi Saver is awesome. I've seen it mentioned many times here but never bothered to check it out myself.


Endless gratitude to the @DeFiSaver team for saving so many MakerDAO liquidations last night, including my own.


Shout out to the Defi Saver team for saving my child's diaper and college fund


Legends. Thank you for your service.