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A better tool for DeFi

DeFi Saver is a non-custodial DeFi management tool offering advanced features and functionalities for managing your positions and crypto assets in various DeFi protocols

User transactions
Trade volume
Total automated
Positions automated
DEXes & Aggregators7
All the top tier protocols you’d expect.

Everything you need in one app and more

All the essential tools for tracking and managing your DeFi portfolio with a layer of advanced features on top.

Lending & borrowing
Utilize integrated lending protocols to either earn an interest on your deposits or collateralise your assets to borrow other tokens against them, with different assets and rates available in different protocols.
Advanced decentralized exchange
Make instant token swaps or set up limit orders and DCA strategies, all in a non-custodial and trustless manner, with liquidity sourced through meta-aggregation to find the best rates for you.
Leverage management
Create or close leveraged positions in one transaction and manage leverage easily with our signature Boost and Repay leverage adjustment options.
Loan shifter
Move your position between different protocols and make collateral or debt swaps in active positions, all in a few clicks and just one transaction.
DFS Automation
Protect your position from liquidation, minimize losses and maximize profits with automated options such as stop loss, take profit, trailing stop and automated leverage management.
Custom transaction builder
Create your own unique, complex transactions combining a number of interactions with different protocols, as well as flash loans and token swaps, to complete the exact thing you need.

Automate your position for the best results

Automation can manage your leverage and protect your position from liquidation based on your input, non-custodially and trustlessly.

Stop Loss
Take Profit
Trailing Stop
Automatically increase leverage of your position once your collateralisation ratio grows above your configured threshold.
Positions automated
Total automated
ETH automated

Safety first DeFi

Each design decision at DeFi Saver is made with a security-first approach

Audited smart contracts
DeFi Saver smart contracts have been audited by ConsenSys Audits and Dedaub with audit reports available here.
Battle-tested protocols
Our goal is to provide a curated DeFi experience with access to top-tier protocols that have been extensively audited and thoroughly battle-tested over significant periods of time.
Bug Bounty
To ensure a continuously safe environment for our users, we have constantly open bug bounties on Immunefi that you can check out here.
Non-custodial and trustless
All positions at DeFi Saver are fully non-custodial with you always in control, and all protocol interactions are performed in a trustless manner through the use of our smart contracts.

Create your own DeFi recipes

Combine various DeFi actions, create unique protocol interactions and execute them in a single transaction.

What our users are saying

"As a user I can sleep peacefully at night knowing my positions are safe and as a technology partner I guarantee they're one of the most hardworking teams in the space."
"If you want an easy-to-use DeFi management platform that supports all of your favorite apps then look no further than DeFi Saver."
Simulation Sphere

Still waiting?

Test DeFi protocols and our features risk-free in our Simulation mode.
Simulation mode is a sandboxed environment that allows you to test all supported decentralised finance protocols and all DeFi Saver features without having to connect your account or use any actual funds.


Oct 4.
Blog Feature
DeFi Saver is now LIVE on Base
DeFi Saver launches on a third (optimistic) layer 2 solution - Base, expanding the lending possibilities on L2s with the support for Compound v3 and Aave v3.
Sep 22.
Introducing ETH Saver - A new home for leveraged staking
tl;dr: We've launched a new app for leveraged staking strategies, that builds on Aave, Compound, Morpho, Lido (wstETH), Rocketpool (rETH) and Coinbase (cbETH) and provides an accessible UI with a new fee model for these positions. Read on for the full story or jump further below for the details. First introduced when Lido's stETH was added to Aave v2 back in early 2022, the phenomenon of leveraged staking is not really a new thing by now. What's more, it's really not new to DeFi Saver users eit
Apr 11.
LSTs and leveraged ETH staking strategies at DeFi Saver
The Ethereum Shanghai upgrade is live and LSTs and leveraged ETH staking strategies are now available in the DeFi Saver app! Check out this article and find out the best way to utilize this feature!
Mar 16.
Shift to Liquity or open a leveraged Trove & win $LQTY
Shift to Liquity or open a leveraged Trove & win $LQTY! Liquity team will award 2,500 LQTY tokens to a total of 15 lucky winners!
Dec 21.
Open a Trove and Bond in 1-tx and win $LUSD!🎁
Win LUSD with Liquity Chicken bonds! Create a Trove and new LUSD Bond in one transaction with DeFi Saver quick recipe and win LUSD!
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